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         Hello and Welcome to my Gemflower™ Garden!  Here you will find the entirely new and exclusive Gemflower™ Earrings, created with a multitude of wonderful hand-faceted gemstones, artfully fashioned into blooming flowers as stud earrings.  Gold-filled flatbacks pierce earring studs with a generous stem, combined with the largest earring nuts (3/8″), complete these powerful jewels.  My experience in wearing them has been truly interesting in that…people just keep standing there looking at them, even when we’ve finished talking about whatever we need to say. I’m always surprised at the respect I get wearing them into any store where previously, none was forthcoming.  The Gemflowers™ are a slight throwback to the ’50s Italian style, but the liveliness of the real faceted gemstones keeps them fascinating.

         About the maker:  I am a gardener, Gemologist and Jeweler.    I use all my experience  in the jewelry trades, combined with a love of stones and flowers, to produce them.   To my knowledge, the extremely complicated method I use to invisibly put together as many as 15 beads on each earring is completely original and new.  Most of the Gemflowers™ earrings are one-of-a- kind pairs.  The Gemflowers™ range in diameter from the size of a dime to a bit over the size of a quarter.  Please read the sizes given carefully before ordering.

       Enjoy browsing through the the Gemflower™ Garden,  picking your favorite flowers and/or gemstones!  To make these all varied,  I have collected every type of hand-cut specialty gemstone available.  I even had some gem shapes especially cut for the Gemflowers.  New pairs are added daily, so please return often to find your own special ones.    Do you need a different Gemflower™ pair to match a particular outfit?  If so,  please call me or email, and we’ll create one together totally fresh.  I can also meet with you and your garden club, or floral business associates to show the current collection of Gemflowers™ in your home or office in either Sonoma or Marin counties in California.  Just give me a call or email.  The Gemflowers™ are much more delightful in person.  At present, the my photos do not do them justice; I’m working on this daily.

         In the Hoops Court you will find beautiful gemstones beads and pearls, in all different combinations,  that I carefully select and hand-wire onto the gold-filled hoops with gold-filled wire.  I am working on a combination hoop/dangle style and will publish them soon.  You can choose your favorites by stone, color, and/or size of hoop.  I can also custom-make almost any gemstone hoops for you.   My current waiting list is 10 days.

         In the Bead Meadow, you can wander among several gemstone necklaces and bracelets that I have designed and made.  I have quite an eclectic collection.  Most jewelry in Bead Meadow is one-of-a-kind.  Please call anytime to discuss your preference of length of any necklace or bracelet.  Also, if I can find the same or coordinating beads, I’d be happy to make matching earrings to any of the necklaces for you in sterling or gold-filled, so please ask.   I do make new necklaces each week, so come back when you need to find a necklace for any new outfit.  The bracelets are on magnetic column closures, and also entirely of gemstones.

         At Pearl Pond is Pearl jewelry, including some spectacular, multi-strand pearl necklaces with larger sterling silver clasps.  They’d be perfect out to dinner or to anywhere special.  They light up the face like theatre footlights.   I sometimes do special orders for on Pearl necklaces, depending on pearls on hand.   I will be developing a line of Pearl earrings soon.  I also want to make more of my mixed Pearl necklaces, which everyone loves.

         In the Guest Cottage, I offer my fellow artists the opportunity to show and to sell their work.  These pieces are all one-of-a-kind, usually available for a short time.  Right now there are none for sale.

         Under Our Jewelry Stories in Guest Cottage, you are able to read the personal stories about meaningful jewels and/or flowers send by clients.  You can have your own story published here by submitting it by email to me at:  .  I will type it into the Our Jewelry Stores in the Guest Cottage, and you will be a published author.  You can do so using your name or not.  Thank you for sharing.

         If you would like to receive my Quarterly Newsletter announcing any specials and new products, please send your email address on the same address.

         In the HANGING GARDENS  you will find all my original flower and nature inspired dangle earrings, using gold-filled, or sterling silver, and inspired by current and future fashion.   I’m always experimenting with new designs and adding to this Section, including designs made with my own special-ordered gemstone beads.

    Relax and enjoy wandering around my  ARTLOOK GEM GARDEN.

         This site has been designed for relaxation, as a garden is designed.  Stay as long as you like, and please pick some Gemflowers™ or other jewelry you’ll cherish for years to come.  You can also consult the gem information on the following pages.   Please feel free to call me with any questions at 1-800-ARTLOOK. Or email me at .  Have fun!

    Please wear my jewelry in Good Health and Enjoy!

    Mary Jane St. Amand,
    Graduate, British Gemmological Society
    Graduate, Deutsches Gemmologishe Gessellschaft

    Telephone:  800-278-5665 (8am to 8pm-7 days/week/Pacific Time)

    Address:  P O Box 2571, Santa Rosa, CA  95405


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        All items ordered from ARTLOOK GEM GARDEN are packed carefully with some kind of a special flower connected gift, and shipped within a few days,  by insured US Post Office.  Shipping is free at present.  Currently, I ship orders only in all 50 states of the United States and Canada.  Please do read and follow all directions on cleaning, handling and care which are sent with your selections.


         All workmanship is guaranteed for ordinary wear for one year.  After one year, there is a $20 minimum for  jewelry repairs, except for Gemflowers™ ($40 minimum for Gemflower™ repairs, which usually take me  3 to 4 hours to take apart and redo) PLUS materials and shipping charges.  Gemstone availability may also be a repair time factor.

         If you’ve lost an earring, please let me know and I will try to replace it for you.  The cost is one-half of  the original cost of the earrings (plus $10 for shipping and insurance), but I cannot always guarantee the exact stones will be available to do so.  If you mail the remaining one to me, I can match up materials and techniques as closely as possible.  Please always email or call me before sending me anything to change or repair.


         Jewelry from this site carries no guarantees or warranties against harm from use of any product of any and all kinds.   Wearer shall hold maker and her suppliers harmless from any bodily injury which originates in the products, according to California and United States law.  By California law, pierced earrings are absolutely not returnable.   IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO GOLD FILLED, DO NOT ORDER EARRINGS FROM THIS SITE FOR YOURSELF.   However, no one has ever complained about the quality of my earrings, nor said they caused any allergic reactions.   I source the best quality materials available from reputable manufacturers and I’ve been wear testing them on myself for several  years.


         At least 10% (usually more) of the proceeds from sales on this site contribute to the ongoing support of some elderly women in Santa Rosa, either directly as I discover needs, or through organizations. Certain needy individuals contact me for help with medications, rides to grocery stores and to their doctors, their pet care and vet bills.  This is merely a continuance of my work here since 2005.   Thank you.

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    Sunday Topaz
    Monday Pearl
    Tuesday Ruby
    Wednesday Amethyst
    Thursday Sapphire
    Friday Agate
    Saturday Turquoise
    Month Birthstone Flower Horoscope
    January Garnet Carnation or Snowdrop Capricorn
    February Amethyst, Onyx Violet or Primrose Aquarius
    March Aquamarine, Amethyst, Onyx Jonquil or Daffodil Pisces
    April Diamond or Zircon, Rock Crystal Sweet Pea or Daisy Aries
    May Emerald, Chrysoprase, Green Tourmaline Lily of the Valley Taurus
    June Pearl, Moonstone Rose or Honeysuckle Gemini
    July Ruby Larkspur or Water Lily Leo
    August Peridot Poppy or Gladiolus Cancer
    September Sapphire, Lapis, Iolite Aster or Morning Glory Virgo
    October Opal, Tourmaline Calendula or Cosmos Libra
    November Citrine, Topaz Chrysanthemum Scorpio
    December Turquoise, Blue Zircon Narcissus or Holly Saggitarius

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    State Gemstone Flower
    Alabama Camellia Star Blue Quartz
    Alaska Forget-me-not Jade
    Arizona Saguaro Cactus Blossom Turquoise
    Arkansas Apple Blossom Diamond
    California California Poppy Benitoite
    Colorado Rocky Mountain Columbine Aquamarine
    Connecticut Mountain Laurel None
    Delaware Peach Blossom None
    Florida Orange Blossom Moonstone
    Georgia Cherokee Rose Quartz
    Hawaii Pualoalo Black Coral
    Idaho Mock Orange (Syringa) Star Garnet
    Illinois Purple Violet Fluorite (Mineral)
    Indiana Peony None
    Iowa Wild Prairie Rose Geode Quartz
    Kansas Sunflower None
    Kentucky Golden Rod Freshwater Pearl
    Louisiana Magnolia Agate
    Maine White Pine Cone & Tassel Tourmaline
    Maryland Black-eyed Susan Agate
    Massachusetts Trailing Arbutus Rhodonite
    Michigan Apple Blossom Petrosky Stone
    Minnesota Pink & White Lady Slipper Agate
    Mississippi Magnolia Petrified Wood
    Missouri Hawthorn Galena (Mineral)
    Montana Bitteroot Sapphire & Agate
    Nebraska Golden Rod Blue Agate
    Nevada Sagebrush Turquoise & Fire Opal
    New Hampshire Purple Lilac Smoky Quartz
    New Jersey Violet  None
    New Mexico Yucca Flower Turquoise
    New York Rose Almandine Garnet
    North Carolina American Dogwood Emerald
    North Dakota Wild Prairie Rose Flint
    Ohio Scarlet Carnation Flint
    Oklahoma Mistletoe  None
    Oregon Oregon Grape Sunstone
    Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel  (Pending)
    Rhode Island Violet Bowenite (Mineral)
    South Carolina Yellow Jessamine Amethyst
    South Dakota Pasque Flower Agate
    Tennessee Iris Freshwater Pearls
    Texas Blue Bonnet Topaz
    Utah Sego Lily Topaz
    Vermont Red Clover Grossular Garnet
    Virginia American Dogwood (Pending)
    Washington Coast Rhododendron Petrified Wood
    West Virginia Rhododendron Fossilized Coral
    Wisconsin Wood Violet  (Pending)
    Wyoming Indian Paintbrush  Wyoming Jade


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  • Some people believe that crystals have these properties.
    Crystal Properties
    Crystal Property
    Amber Healer
    Amethyst Stimulates the intellect
    Bloodstone Gives courage
    Chalcedony Powerful cleanser, esp. for mothers
    Citrine Carries power of the sun; regenerator
    Hematite Aids circulation
    Jade Aids integration of mind and body; helpful dreams
    Jasper Imparts determination
    Labradorite Mystical; protective; raises consciousness
    Lapis Lazuli Opens third eye; thought amplifier
    Malachite Enhances intuition; deep emotional healing
    Moonstone Feminine energy; enhance psychic ability
    Onyx Strength giving; balances yin and yang energies
    Opal Strengthens will to live; brings lightness
    Peridot Releases negative patterns; enhances confidence
    Quartz Raises energy; aids concentration
    Rutilated Quartz Antidepressant; relieves fears; stimulates growth
    Smoky Quartz Brings emotional calmness; relieves pain
    Tourmalinated Quartz Harmonizes opposites
    Rhodochrosite Helps confront fears; improves self-worth
    Sapphire Wisdom stone; focuses the mind
    Spinel Insight into material problems; gives stamina
    Sunstone Instills good nature; heightens intuition
    Tiger’s Eye Talisman against curses; grounding; helps manifest will
    Topaz Vibrant energy brings joy and abundance
    Tourmaline Mental healer; cleanses and transforms energy
    Turquoise Efficient healer; dispels negative energy

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